At M P Luck Co.,Ltd., our employees are trained to become experts in all products and services. The 24 hours operation of our customer services can ensure that all questions and inquiries from customers are welcome at any times.




To response to the high speed and high quality of works, modern machines are brought to use in our production. With more than 30 years in service and our well-trained employees, we have developed our skills to a level of satisfaction standard of coating. Besides, all of our production processes will be examined by special-trained employees.



To create the best printing, we have selected each raw material to match each printing type. For the materials, we have selected only high quality raw materials which are insured by international standard such as “European Standard” and “American National Standard”. Besides, the quality examination and quality control are routinely done in our organization.



The priority concern of M P Luck UV Co.,Ltd. is the printing products we received from our clients. We have developed our shipping system and trained our employees to see the value of this issue. Therefore, it can be ensured that clients’ works in our hands will be correct, safe, and will be shipped on appointment time within our 24 hours operation."

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