Besides introducing innovative technology to Thailand printing industry, we were also the first in the coating service industry that certified for ISO standards.



Year 2000
, our company was the first one whom obtained ISO 9000 certification in Thailand coating service industry.

Year 2009, as we continue to maintain high quality standards, our company is also certified for ISO 9001:2008.

We also apply ‘5s’ guideline which focuses on productivity and quality improvement. The 5s are Sorting, Safety, Spotless, Sanitary, and Standardize. In our company, we train our employees to sort information, material and orders effectively. We also encourage the employees to organize their work areas and operation areas for safety concerns. Moreover, in the company, all work area, machines, and equipment are clean and maintain regularly. Our company also concerns about sanitary in the company which affect employees’ health. Lastly, we consistently comply with the 5s as our standard to create productive systems within the company.

Since the company establishment, we have aimed at surpassing customers’ satisfaction. In achieving customers’ greatest satisfaction, we continuously improve our process, operation system and products to provide one-stop service to our customers and become the leader in the industry. It is our company mission to fulfill customers’ desire, and to develop quality products and services to maintain creditability and trust that our customers have had with us for many decades.

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