History (ABOUT US)

Established in 1971, M.P. Luck UV CO., Ltd. has offered various coating services ranging from Laminating, Calendaring, Varnishing, Blister Pack Coating, Skin Pack Coating, Wax Coating, to Embossing


Year 1983 – We imported U.V. coating machine, Steinemann, from Switzerland which was the most innovative UV coating machine in the meantime. Its innovative system used UV as dry polymer catalyst in order to produce a high shiny, smooth, scratch resistant, UV protection surface which extend the life of your printing last for years
Year 1992 – In order to serve our customers better, we have expanded our service ranges and developed our technique skills by providing “Matt OPP. Lamination”. Instead of using very high shiny laminated technique commonly produced in the market, we offer a new alternative using softer, subdued color to please your eye more.
Year 1994 – In respond to the growing concerns over environmental issues, our company introduced a new option of UV coating called “Matt UV Coating“ to our clients by using chemical instead of film which literally yields similar color to “Matt OPP. Lamination”.
Year 1995 – The rising concern on the environment issues among Western countries inspired our company to provide another environmental friendly service, Water based coating service. The coating is suitable for children related packaging as well as for all products exporting to European countries, where the environment concern is primary. In addition to the water-based coatiIn addition to the water-based coating system, as a pioneer in Thailand, we have introduced the new “SPOT UV” technique. Instead of coating the whole page, this technique emphasized glossy and matte coating in a defined area that already coated with plastic or UV protection. As a result, your work becomes more eyes catching.
Year 1997 – We have used “PET Blister Pack Coating” to serve our customers who export their products to the western countries, where the environmental issues is seriously concern.

Year 2005 – The Company started to provide Foil Stamping service which help speeding up and accommodating our customers who used foil before and after all lamination. Foil stamping technique can be used to highlight a spot needed to emphasize; for instance, book titles and logos.


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